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Prestige Lawn Care has been perfecting the innovative Sod Quality Seeding process in Nassau and Suffolk Long Island since 1979.  Many of the finest landscape construction firms on Long Island sub-contract all their seeding work to Prestige.

We can grow you the lawn of your dreams in less time than you think! Utilizing specialized equipment (a heavy duty slit seeding process) and the most highly rated turf grass varieties along with our fertilization program, we can turn either bare ground or an old weedy lawn into a blue-green carpet.

Whether your lawn is in full sun or partial shade call us for a free estimate at (631) 427-6677 or click here to fill out our estimate form.

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Many lawns age and become inundated with weedy grasses which invade your lawn and turn it into a "patchwork quilt" of different colors and texture.  Lawns like these perform poorly in mid-summer, the time of year that you want to enjoy your lawn the most!

In this scenario, renovation is called for.  We spray your lawn with round-up which kills undesirable grasses and weeks right to their roots.  Next we slit seed with our specialized power seeding equipment in at least three to four directions.

In other cases your lawn may only need overseeding where the same machines thatch, seed and aerate on top of your existing lawn and a new lawn emerges right through your old lawn.  Of course, we also grow new lawns from bare dirt such as new construction sites.

A seed lawn is only as good as the seed that is planted. Prestige Lawn Care uses the most highly rated Kentucky Bluegrasses, Turf Type Rye grasses and Fine Fescues. We use special mixtures of these grasses for shade areas and quite another mixture for the sunny areas.

The combination of specialized equipment, the proper grasses and, just as important, the fertilization program to maintain your lawn allows us to produce Sod Quality results at a fraction of the cost of Sod.

Call us at 631-427-6677 or visit the Estimates Form for a free lawn analysis!

Prestige Lawn Care provides lawn service to all of Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island.